Troop 130 History

1927 Scoutmaster Saxon starts Troop 1, which meets at St. George's Episcopal Church. The troop lasts at least one year.
1930's Pollard and Taylor are Scoutmasters of Troop 1, which falls apart later in the decade.
1940's Troop 5, under the leadership of Scoutmaster Kelley, meets at the old Fowler Middle School. The troop collects and sells scrap newspaper to raise money. A week at Camp Resolute costs $12 and a pound of sugar. The troop folds in 1947.
1950's Troop 1, which has been defunct for over a decade, is restarted by Paul D. Sawyer at the Union Congregational Church. A week at Resolute costs about $21.
1951 Fred Robinson starts Troop 30 at the United Methodist Church on Main Street. The troop grows to 32 Scouts within that year. John West and Robert Luosalo are charter Scouts.
1961 John West begins his 14-year tenure as Scoutmaster of Troop 30. Robert Luosalo is ASM.
1966 Luosalo leaves Troop 30 and restarts Troop 1. Over the next twenty years, the troop takes many 50-mile hikes in Vermont and New Hampshire, and Luosalo publishes a monthly newsletter known as Smoke Signals using a typewriter and blue stencils.
1973 Troop 1 attends the National Jamboree at Moraine State Park in Pennsylvania.
1974 Troop 1 travels to the Hemenway State Forest in Tamworth, NH, beginning Maynard's long-standing tradition.
1975 West retires from Troop 30. The troop is led by Scoutmaster Hatch for about six years and then becomes defunct.
1979 A week at Resolute costs about $80.
1982 At the urging of council, Yiao-Tee Hsia restarts Troop 30. He has five Scouts his first year. He is told that Troop 1 is flourishing with sixty Scouts, but it is in fact struggling with rapidly decreasing enrollment. The troops have many joint camping trips, and a merger is suggested.
1984 After a summer of negotiations, Troop 130 is officially begun in December 1984 with Hsia as Scoutmaster. Robert Luosalo's career as Scoutmaster of Troop 1 ends, making him the longest-serving Scoutmaster in Maynard history.
1987 Explorer Post 13, with an emphasis on computer science, is started at Digital Equipment Corporation by Mr. Difinizio.
1993 Troop visits the National Jamboree at Ft. AP Hill, VA
1994 Crew of 11 scouts and adults go to Philmont, A week at Camp Resolute costs $155 (and no bag of sugar.) 
1995 First trip to Florida Seabase for Scuba cert and out island camping. Scoutmaster Bob Burgess takes over the troop.
1996 Scoutmaster Christine Thorp takes over the troop. 
1997 Five scouts and 2 adults attend the National Jamboree as members of the council contingent.
1999 Venture Crew 130 (Co-ed scout program).  Sixteen scouts and adults travel to Philmont.
2000 Venture Crew 130 hikes the AT from Franconia to Crawford Notch.  Seven travel to Seabase for Scuba cert, early evacuation due to Hurricane Debbie.
2002 Troop 130 celebrates it's 20th Anniversary.  First Co-ed contingent from Maynard travels to Philmont.  Scoutmaster Thorp retires to concentrate on Venture Crew and Bob Hill takes over as scoutmaster of the troop.
2005 First Co-ed contingent to Florida Seabase
2007 Troop 130 celebrates 25th anniversary.  Forty-eight scouts, venturers and adults travel to Philmont.
2009 Troop and Crew travel to Seabase for sailing and scuba adventure.  First Co-ed contingent
2011 Troop returns to the Westpoint Camporee.  Troop and Crew 1st visit to the Northern Tier Canoe Base earning some members the Triple Crown.
2012 Forty Scouts attend summer camp, our largest contingent yet!

The information on the Maynard Scouting History pages is edited from the February 1995 edition of The Maynard Guide,written by William J. Comery.

Updated by Chris Thorp.