The Boy Scouts of America and Troop 130 offer many opportunities for advancement for all the Scouts of our Troop. Advancement achieved by each Scout depends entirely on him. The Troop has had the honor of watching 100+ of its Scouts throughout history achieve the rank of Eagle Scout. However this may not be every boy's desire.

If a boy wishes to enjoy the outings, trips and activities throughout his Scouting years, that is GREAT! If he strives to achieve Eagle, that is GREAT too! What he accomplishes is up to him. The leadership of the Troop will not push him if he does not wish to be pushed. However, if a Scout says, "help me out" and push me so I can get "here," we can assist him with that as well. His Scouting career is his to enjoy, any way in which he sees fit.

Below are links for information regard several areas of study and achievement fo Scouts and Adults alike. We also have a section built here for the families of those Scouts that do achieve the rank of Eagle Scout to assist them in the planning and execution of their Scout's Eagle Scout Court of Honor .

See KTC Advancement site for news

We held a Life to Eagle Seminar on Nov 27, 2012 with Dave Helegeson, Liberty District Advancement Committee.  To print copies of the handout, or access the links under resources, click here.

There is a new Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook and it is recommended (but not mandatory) that Life Scouts work with an Eagle Scout Coach.  Coaches must be approved  and trained by the council Advancement Committee.  To date, Mr. DeMars and Mrs. Thorp have been trained as coaches.

The Road To Eagle