Maynard Historical Trivia

The present St. Casimir's Church was originally a street car service building for the Concord, Maynard and Hudson Street Railway Company. The car barn is now the Mill Dam Building next door. By the way, the dam, known as the Ben Smith Dam, was built by Amory Maynard in order to store the Assabet River waters for the Mill. A canal was dug from just above the dam to the Mill to feed the Mill Pond.

At one time or another, we had a:

  • Maynard Cricket Club
  • Maynard-Acton Kiwanis Club
  • Maynard Checker Club
  • Maynard Garden Club
  • Maynard Grange
  • Maynard Fife and Drum Corp
  • Maynard Hebrew Association
  • Maynard Milk Producers Co-operative
  • Maynard Motorcycle Club
  • Maynard Roller Polo Club
  • Maynard Tennis Club
  • Maynard Poultrymens Association
  • Maynard National Band
  • Maynard Military Brass Band

The now vacant Gas Station on Main Street was the site of the Maynard Train Depot.

Like Roebuck is to Sears and Anheuser is to Busch, there hasn't been a Synder involved in Murphy and Synder for over 60 years.

In the early part of this century, Maynard High once lost a basketball game to Marlboro High by a score of 100 to 13.

Lorenzo Maynard installed the Town Clock (it is said that real Maynardians never refer to it as the "Mill Clock") in 1892, and dedicated to the people of Maynard in memory of his father Amory, who died in 1891.

Football started at Maynard High in 1902. In the early 20's George Savikoski caught the first forward pass in MHS history.

The first baseball team in Maynard was known as the Maynard Mutuals, and in 1873 they played their games where Walker Street is now (opposite Glenwood Cemetery on Parker Street.

The Lodge of Masons started in Maynard in 1872, the Knights of Columbus Council in 1920, the Elks in 1929, the Rod and Gun Club in 1915 and the Italian Social Club in 1934.

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