Here's a view from above showing the clock mechanism.

(The little white card on top is the business card for the clock manufacturer)

From this angle you can see how the clock is connected to the four faces. The aluminum cones you see are the reflectors for the lighting units that illuminate each of the faces.

(The reflectors have their own story to tell)

The clock is illuminated by florescent bulbs. These replaced the 60-watt electric light fixtures that originally illuminated the faces. Power for the lights originally came from the Mill water wheel (at 40 cycles). A hurricane in 1957 damaged the water wheel and the lights were updated to the modern 60-cycle fixtures.

This is where the clock drive arm meets the face. The gears here drive the minute and hour hands of a face.

When resetting the time, the maintainer waits till 20 minutes after the hour to minimize wear and tear on the mechanism.

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