The Town Clock

About the Clock

The Town Clock was erected in 1892 by Lorenzo Maynard in honor of his father, Amory, and dedicated to the people of Maynard.

The clock has four faces, each nine feet in diameter. The faces are backlit with electric lights. During the Christmas holiday season, the faces are illuminated with red and green bulbs.

The original mechanical clockworks and bell mechanism are still in place. Once a week someone climbs the 124 steps up the tower to wind the clock: 90 turns for the timepiece and 330 turns for the bell striker.

Have a listen... 3 P.M. in Maynard (WAV format, 10 seconds, 107kb)
... or climb up the clock tower and learn more about the clock and its history.

Town Clock Centennial 1892-1992

In 1992, Maynard celebrated the centennial of the installation of the Town Clock.

The following is the inscription of a plaque installed during the centennial anniversary ceremonies. Alice Hanson is a resident of Maynard.


Concord has its Old North Bridge,
In Acton there's a monument tall,
Sudbury is full of historical sites
And Boston has Faneuil Hall.

Each city and town has its landmark
Something that sets it apart,
A building, a place or a person
That endears it to everyone's heart.

In Maynard there's a note of reverence
When natives gather to talk,
And their conversation is soon centered
'Round the tale of the Old Mill Clock.

There's a certain sense of elegance
In this clock within its tower,
And some liken it to "Old Faithful"
As it strikes the time each hour.

All hail to Lorenzo Maynard
For this gift that makes us so proud,
To our ears its akin to music
When the time each hour strikes loud.

We also give thanks to Ken Olsen
For the part that Digital played,
In preserving our clock for posterity
By the work on the clock that they made.

So when others brag of their structures
That bring them fame and renown,
The people of Maynard can revel
As they point to the clock in their town.

         By Alice R. Hanson
         August 1986

Copyright , Maynard Historical Society , Maynard Massachusetts.
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