Police Officers:

Mark Dubois Chief Serving Since September 2012
James Dawson Lieutenant Serving since January 1983
Stephen Jones Sergeant/Prosecutor Serving since September 1988
Michael Noble Sergeant Serving since September 1994
Gregory Balzotti Sergeant Serving since October 1990
Brian Cushing Sergeant Serving since May 2003
William Duggan Acting Sergeant/Firearms/Juvenile Serving since September 2000
Richard Seeley Detective Serving since August 2004
Karl Nyholm Patrolman/Meter officer Serving since March 1984
Mary McCue Patrolman/Fingerprint Officer Serving since September 1988
Paul Maria Patrolman/Warrant Management Serving since February 2002
Jeffery Houle Patrolman Serving since July 2006
Eric Davoll Patrolman/Traffic Officer Serving since July 2006
Brian Petersen Patrolman Serving since June 2007
Chris Sweeney Patrolman/Warrant Management Serving since August 2008
Shawn Corrigan Patrolman Serving since June 2010
Daniel Bodwell Patrolman Serving since June 2012
Nicholas Latino Patrolman Serving since August 2013
Lucien Comeau Patrolman Serving since June 2014
Todd Fletcher Patrolman Serving since June 2014


Anne Camaro Communications Supervisor Serving Since February 2014
Brittany Eager Dispatcher Serving since June 2014
Pat Brennan Dispatcher Serving since July 2014
Mirella Ruggiero Dispatcher Serving since July 2014
Trista Manchuso Dispatcher Serving since August 2014
Timothy O’Neil Dispatcher Serving since October 2014

Special Police Officers

Doug MacGlashing
James Corcoran
James Loomer
Deborah Richardson
John Connors
Ralph Aulenback
Timothy O’Neil

Administrative Assistant to the Chief:

Lucie DiStefano Administrative Assistant Serving since August 2004


James Maria Maintenance Serving since September 2003


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