Overnight parking restrictions:

From December 1st to March 15 there is NO overnight street parking. Time restrictions are from 2:00 am to 6:00 am. The fine for violations is $20.00. If a vehicle is disabled and unable to be moved call the station. (978/897-1011)

This is to allow for convenient plowing and eliminate the need to tow vehicles due to obstruction to the plows.         Thank you for your assistance.


There is no cost for parking after 5:00 pm Monday through Saturday. Parking is free Sundays and holidays.

Parking Tickets:   DO NOT BRING PARKING TICKETS TO THE STATION!                                     

To request a hearing for a parking ticket, fill out the Request for Hearing form and mail it to:

Maynard Town Hall
195 Main Street
Maynard, MA 01754

Attn:  Parking Ticket Hearing Officer   


All instructions are on the back of the citation. There are two options:

  1. Mail in the fine with the citation as instructed on the back using the provided envelope.
  2. Mail in the citation requesting a hearing to contest the citation.

Senior Citizen Parking Permits:

Come to the station during the day with identification and the vehicle registration that the sticker will be on.

Motor Vehicle Accidents Forms:

If you are involved in an accident you have five (5) business days to fill out an accident report. One copy must be mailed to:

  1. Your insurance company
  2. The Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV)
  3. The police station

Forms can be obtained at any police station or from the RMV.

Towed Vehicles:

If your vehicle was towed from Maynard you can call the station (978/897-1011) to find out where it was taken.

These are the tow companies that the Town of Maynard uses under contract:

Jarmos Towing
1 Acton Street

Maynard, MA

J. Scotts Towing
4 Eastern Road
Acton, MA


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