Maynard Police Dispatch Log

Below are weekly excerpts from the Maynard Police Dispatch Log:

03/31/14 – 04/06/14


0000 – Caller reports persons arguing on Concord Street Circle.  Parties spoken to and will keep noise down.

1618 – Motor vehicle stop on Summer Street at Howard Rd.  Driver summonsed to court for revoked registration and no insurance.  Vehicle towed.

1730 – Walk-in reports past hit and run accident involving a school bus.

1852 – Caller from Florida Ct. reports her boyfriend came home intoxicated and need medical attention.  Subject placed into protective custody.


0022 – Caller from Concord Street Circle reports flashing light going up and down the street.  Officer determined light to be flickering out in front of residence.

0606 – Parker Street caller reports car hit telephone pole in front of her house and kept going.  Area checked and found to be icy.  No damage to pole.  DPW out to sand area.

1005 – Maynard Sergeant to Watertown to assist with fallen Boston firefighter services

1319 – Female from River Street fell and hit her head.  Subject is confused and unable to provide any information.  MFD and MPD dispatched.


0107 – Motor vehicle stop on Main Street at Walnut Street.  Vehicle towed for being unregistered.

0554 – Caller from Boeske Ave reports black bear running on Boeske Ave towards Taylor Rd.  Responding officers could not locate bear.

1410 – Motor vehicle stop on Great Rd for expired inspection sticker.  Verbal warning.


1121 – Search warrant executed on Maybury Road

1300 – Caller from Paul Road reports fisher cat in backyard about an hour ago.  Area checked.

1504 – Lincoln Street caller reports finding a needle across the street from her house.  Responding officer disposed of needle.

2105 – Arrest warrant served on Main Street.  One placed under arrest.

2142 – Caller from Ethelyn Circle reporting unknown party walking in the area.  Acton PD responding with two cars as all Maynard cars tied up.  Responding officers determined party was simply out for walk.


0508 – Caller from Guyer Road reporting neighbor playing loud music from vehicle.  Area checked and all is quiet.

0536 – Same caller from Guyer Road reporting music still loud.  Area checked and all is quiet.  Officer spoke to calling party who can no longer hear the music.

1545 – Paul Rd. caller reporting young kids playing by rocks and could be dangerous.  Officer spoke with one of the kids and no injuries reported.

1605 – Maynard officer reports being in low speed pursuit.  As a result, one under arrest in Acton for multiple charges.


1339 – Subject into station reporting the she popped a tire going over a sewer plate on Summer Hill Road.

1446 – AAA called to report disabled vehicle at intersection of Great Rd. and Parker St.

1846 – Caller from Summer Hill Glen reports her husband fell and hit his head.  MPD and MFD responding.  No transport.


0025 – Officer reports he is out with a subject at Great Rd. and Sherman St.  Subject placed into protective custody.

1648 – Bancroft Street caller reports finding a knife in the kids playground.

1701 – As a result of a motor vehicle stop on Nason Street, one placed under arrest.

1859 – Party into station reporting receiving harassing and threatening texts.  Report taken.

03/24/14 – 03/30/14


0751 – Motor vehicle stop for speed on Parker Street.  53 mph in a 35 mph zone.

1408 – Walk in to station report large theft from company in Clock Tower Place

1759 – Assist Waltham PD with serving of warrant on Sudbury Court.  Subject not found.

2232 – Caller reports female possibly having a heart attack.  Subject does have a DNR order.


0556 – Motor vehicle stop on Great Road for speed.  48 mph in a 35 mph zone.

1310 – Caller reports threats made on Facebook.  Report taken.

1635 – Call from DPW reporting that someone may be down the end of High Street pulling up railroad tracks.

1907 – Motor vehicle stop on Acton Street for speed.  39 mph in a 25 mph zone.

1926 – Subject into station reporting fraud.  Report taken.

2212 – As a result of a motor vehicle stop on Main Street, vehicle towed for revoked registration.  Summons issued.


1546 – Electric service from house on Lewis Street has pulled off.  NSTAR notified and responding.  Nothing in road.

1633 – Minor motor vehicle accident reported in Main Street parking lot.  No injuries.

1904 – Party reports wire down on Harriman Ct.  Responding officer identifies as Comcast line.

2212 – Sudbury PD reports tree down in the area of Parker Street and Old Marlboro Rd.  Responding officers clear small branches from road.


0032 – Frantic 911 caller from Apple Ridge reports subject was just dropped off and is blue.  Caller reports subject is only gasping for breath occasionally.  MFD and MPD respond.  Subject transported to hospital.

1446 – Caller reports a male driving a white Toyota with front end damage was driving erratically.  Headed toward police station on Main Street.

2020 – Caller from Haynes Street reports that her boyfriend was unresponsive.  MPD and MFD responding.  MFD reports CPR in progress.  Subject transported to hospital.


1320 – Caller from Great Road reports a black volkswagon passat with teacher vanity plats, with flashing red and blue lights.  The vehicle did not seem to be a police vehicle.

1533 – Officers attempt to serve an arrest warrant on Acton Street.  Subject could not be located.

2054 – Caller from the area of Hayes Street reports a male subject, bald and in his 40’s, approaching kids.  Reported he is on foot.  Officers could not locate.  Report taken.

2258 – Caller from Roosevelt Street reports kids ringing doorbells.  Officers checked area and did not find subjects.


0121 – Caller from Railroad Street report people on porch and making a lot of noise.  Caller said it happens every Friday night.  Officers report that parties are moving inside.

0124 – Motor vehicle stop on Acton Street.  47 mph in a 35 mph zone.

1645 – Motor vehicle stop on Powder Mill Road resulting in a summons.

2351 – Motor vehicle stop on Acton Street resulting in an arrest for operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license.


0138 – Burglar alarm from business on Powder Mill Road.  Officers found front door open.  Building check, nothing found.  Door secured.

0829 – Caller from Spring Lane reporting storm drain is clogged and water is flowing into their basement.  DPW notified and responding.

1024 – Caller from Summer Hill Road reporting flooding in yard due to sewer overflow or storm drain issue.  DPW responding.

1132 – Caller from Acton Street stating large amounts of water are coming into the basement and the sump pumps are unable to keep up.  MPD, MFD and Maynard Water Dept. responding.

2029 – Main Street caller reporting a domestic disturbance.  Officers determine there is no domestic but a dog that ran off and subjects were yelling to call him back.

03/03/14 – 03/09/14


0833 – Caller from Dix Rd. reports that their house was egged over the weekend and would like to see an officer.

0934 – Motor vehicle stop resulting in summons for unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.

1844 – Subject into station reporting damage to a vehicle due to a pothole on Summer Street.


1033 – Subject into lobby reporting past larceny of a package.  Report taken.

1144 – Walk-in to station reports she previously hit a pothole in the vicinity of Acton Street and Nason Street causing significant damage to her vehicle.  She needs a report to provide to town hall.


1338 – Caller from Concord Street Circle reporting ongoing issue with someone ringing her doorbell in the middle of the night.

1407 – Howard Road resident reporting live possum hanging around their yard since Sunday.  Animal control officer notified and will contact resident.

1611 –  Caller from Summer Street reporting hit and run.  She was rear-ended and spoke with other party.  When she pulled into parking lot to exchange papers the other party left the scene.


0014 – Report of possible illegal dumping on Acton Street.  Vehicle described as a black truck.  License plate comes back to a white truck.

1159 – Walk-in reports damage to his vehicle from a pot hole in the area of Great Road and Parker Street.

2018 – Caller reports erratic operator coming into Maynard on Rt. 27.  Vehicle is swerving, speeding, peeling out and driving in wrong lane.  Vehicle stopped and one under arrest for OUI and other charges.


0548 – Caller reports a tractor trailer was driving up Tower Road which is unusual.  Truck was attempting to go to Clock Tower Place and GPS told him to turn on Tower Rd.  Officer assisted with directions.

1043 – Reo Road resident report a check cashed against her account which she did not issue.

1703 – Sudden death reported on Deer Path.  State Police notified and Acton PD made family notification.


1122 – Acton PD report a hit and run with property damage just occurred in their town.  Vehicle last seen on Rt. 27 heading towards Maynard.

1555 – Patrol officer observed suspended operator driving a vehicle on Summer Street but lost vehicle before they could stop it.  Info was relayed to Sudbury and Framingham PD.  Framingham located and apprehended the subject after a brief foot pursuit.  Citation was issued to operator for motor vehicle charges occurring in Maynard.

2145 – As a result of a motor vehicle stop on Parker at B Streets, one under arrest.


1744 – Caller reports kids on the Mill Pond ice.

1826 – Caller reports loud music coming from the area of Deane St.  Party spoken to and will turn music down.

2100 – Caller requesting well being check on grandchildren.

02/24/14 – 03/02/14


0243 – Arlington PD requests well being check on female out late.  Cell phone pinged 1 mile from Clock Tower.  Party located by MPD.

1125 – Walk-in reports she damaged her tire on a pot hole on Summer Street.

1444 – 49 year old daughter is intoxicated.  Was screaming and yelling at parent.  One taken into protective custody.

2036 – Sudbury caller reports hearing gunshots from area of Rod and Gun Club.  Officer reports subjects at skeet range shooting.


1113 – Caller reports a black jeep blocking the sidewalk at Summer and Nason.

1358 – Walk-in reports damage to tires due to pot holes on Summer Street.

1543 – Walk-in reports his debit card was used to make an unauthorized purchase this morning.  Report taken.


0000 – Caller reports she is home alone and hears noises downstairs like someone is in the house.

0748 – Caller reports a broken down vehicle on Tiger Drive by the entrance of the school.  Vehicle was stuck in the snow and was able to get itself free.

1700 – Father of high school student reports that his daughters car was struck while parked in the student parking lot at the high school.

1729 – Caller reports that a manhole cover on Summer Hill Rd. is standing up.  Officer unable to locate.

1859 – Caller reports black lab on front porch and has been outside for an extended period of time.  Caller is concerned due to the cold temperatures.


0102 – Vehicle stopped on Main Street for operating with no lights.  Driver found to have revoked license and issued summons.

0820 – Caller reports suspicious person walking around in the street.  Subject found to have just dropped car off for service down the street and was trying to find downtown area.

1302 – Caller reports damage to tires due to potholes on Florida Road.


0601 – Motor vehicle stop on Summer Street at Apple Ridge.  Vehicle traveling at 45 mph in a 30 mph zone.  Citation issued.

0836 – 2 car motor vehicle accident at Great Rd. and Thompson St.  No injuries reported.

1241 – Vehicles parked in lower deck of the parking garage.  DPW notified to re-post signs and put out barricades.

1705 – 3 car motor vehicle accident reported on Powder Mill Road.  No injuries reported.

1900 – Elmwood Street resident reports receiving a suspicious phone call.  Responding officer to conduct follow-up investigation.


0232 – Caller reports boyfriend assaulted her.  As a result, one placed under arrest for malicious destruction of property over $250.

0237 – Burnside Street caller reports suspicious person walking around her house.  Officers found no evidence, no footprints.

2135 – Warrant served on Elm Street.  One placed under arrest.


0906 – Durant Street caller reports party dumping trash in front of his house.

1022 – 911 caller from Main Street reports his tires were vandalized the previous night.

1211 – Brigham Street caller reports his residence was egged overnight.

1853 – Several calls reporting a house fire on Silver Hill Rd.  MFD responding.

02/17/14 – 02/23/14


0116 – Dump truck took down telephone wires on Pine Hill Road.  Verizon notified.

0930 – Walk-in to station reports being harassed by a plow truck driver.  Report taken.

1512 – Acton Street caller reports that an elderly woman fell and is not in pain.  MFD transported to hospital.

2056 – Caller from Durant Ave. stated that someone threw something through her window.  Responding officers determined the damage was caused by a snowball.


0730 – Patrol officer reports large pothole on Acton Street.  DPW notified.

1307 – Vehicle reported off the road on Parker Street.

1339 – Tractor trailer unit stuck on hill on Waltham Street.  TT unit was able to continue on before officers arrived.  DPW notified.

1817 – Caller from Second Street states that her neighbor is at her house requesting help.


0101 – As a result of a motor vehicle stop, driver summonsed for violating junior operator license restrictions

0214 – Motor vehicle stop on Main Street for no inspection sticker.  Driver examined for possible OUI drugs but deemed not impaired.  Citation issued.

0336 – Officer on patrol on Summer Street checked on elderly female attempting to shovel walkway.  Officer assisted with shoveling.

2016 – Main Street property owner reporting that vehicle parked in his lot is interfering with plow truck.  Responding officer located owner who moved vehicle.

2312 – Caller reports that 3 kids just went behind vacant house on Douglas Ave.  Two Maynard officers respond and request additional units.  Acton and Stow PD sending officers.  As a result, 3 placed under arrest for various charges.


0800 – Notify Board of Health to have house on Douglas Ave. boarded up to prevent access.

0916 – Well being check on elderly female on Barilone Circle.  Complaining of lack of power in her basement.  Officer responded and replaced light bulb for her.

1002 – Arrest warrant served on Dawn Grove.  Subject located and placed under arrest.

1454 – Waltham street resident came into station to file larceny report.


0800 – Officer on patrol requesting that DPW be notified of large pothole on Parker Street.

1018 – Wilson Circle caller states that young child is having trouble breathing.  MPD units and MFD respond.

1122 – Caller from Grant Street reporting that vehicles from workers are parked all over the street blocking the road and making it hard to get down the street.  Officers advised owners to move vehicles.

1729 – Caller reports large pothole on Parker Street near the Sudbury line.  Officer placed cones around pot hole.

2140 – As result of a well-being check, one placed under arrest for outstanding warrant.


1205 – Caller reports pothole near Sudbury line on Parker Street.  Officer placed cones around pot hole.

1308 – DPW notified of potholes on Parker Street and will send out people to fill them.

1405 – Patrol officer flagged down by motorist who reported damaging their vehicle on a large pothole at the intersection of Waltham and Powdermill Road.

1600 – Motor vehicle reported blocking a lane of traffic on Florida Road at Main Street.  Parking ticket issued.

2210 – Caller reports domestic disturbance at Apple Ridge Condominiums.  Units respond and report filed.


0340 – Clerk from Waltham Street business reports finding pills in a baggie in the parking lot.

1105 – Officer checking for large pot holes on upper Summer Street

1314 – 911 caller reports he yelled at a motorist in Hudson who is now following him and taking pictures of his car.  Vehicle stopped and party spoken to.  Caller was reportedly tailgating other vehicle in Hudson so she took a photo of his license plate.  Party advised to contact Hudson PD.

2033 – Officer on patrol reports disabled motor vehicle on Nancy Circle.  Damage determined to be caused by  pothole.

02/03/14 – 02/09/14


0733 – Caller from Parmenter Ave. reports that someone threw eggs at his residence yesterday evening.  Patrol officers notified.

1209 – Call from Naylor Ct. stating that an elderly woman has fallen and is bleeding.  MFD and MPD respond.

1515 – Driver on Acton Street reports car went off road and struck a tree.  Vehicle is hung up on a telephone pole guide wire.  NSTAR notified.

Owner of vehicle verbally attacking tow driver and responding officer.  Subsequently placed under arrest for Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest, and Assault and Battery on a police officer.  Owner transported to Emerson hospital.

2106 – Glendale Street caller reports his wife is not breathing.  MFD and MPD respond.  Dispatcher provides instructions to caller on how to do CPR.  Patient is transported to hospital.


1026 – 911 call from Deane Street reporting he is hearing a noise in his wall after using his fireplace.  MFD and MPD respond.  Nothing found.

1434 – Multiple 911 calls reporting a motor vehicle accident on Brown Street with injuries.  MFD and multiple MPD units respond.  One operator transported to Emerson Hospital.

1616 – Call from Garfield Street reporting garage fire.  MFD and MPD respond.

1836 – Caller from Garfield Street asking to speak with an officer regarding unauthorized access to her computer.


0822 – Vehicles stuck on hill at Parker and Waltham Streets.  3 vehicles freed and tractor trailer unit assisted with traffic.  DPW notified and cleared snow.

1355 – Arrest warrant served on McKinley Street.  Subject with multiple warrants placed under arrest.

1945 – Caller reports she locked herself out of her apartment.  MFD and MPD assist.  Determined that subject locked in the apartment due to a defective lock.  Door was opened and subject advised to notify management.


1012 – Caller from Mayfield Street requests an officer to take a fraud report.

1740 – Off-duty officer reporting solicitor in the area of Shore Ave.  Requesting the information be logged.  MPD checked area for additional solicitors with nothing found.

1952 – 911 caller from Taft Ave reports that her husband is having an insulin reaction.  Caller sounds like she is in shock as well.  MFD and MPD responding.  Subject transported to Emerson Hospital.


0730 – Caller reports a white BMW traveling the wrong way down Railroad Street.  Vehicle gone on arrival of MPD.

0738 – Minor motor vehicle accident reported on Great Road.

1900 – Caller reports her mother is intoxicated and is complaining of pancreatic pain. MFD and MPD respond.  Patient does not want to be transported to the hospital and signs refusal.

2002 – Motor vehicle stop on Powder Mill Road.  Multiple violations resulting in summons.

2229 – Caller from Main Street requesting ID check at liquor store.  License checked by MPD and coming back as “Not on File”.  Subject, who left area before arrival, to be summonsed to court.


0741 – Burglar alarm at Library on Nason Street.  Alarm was accidentally set off by town officials at Library for a meeting.

2131 – Mill Street caller reports that someone hit her vehicle some time the previous day.  MPD investigating.


0103 – Motor vehicle stopped for operator driving vehicle with back door open and stop sign violation.  Operator placed under arrest for OUI.

1703 – Patrol officer reports possible water main break at Great Road and Sherman Street.  DPW notified.

1705 – Caller reports falling ice from a building on River Street damaged his vehicle.  Officer requested to document damage.

2034 – Daughter requesting well being check for her father on Douglas Ave.  Responding officer unable to make contact.  Patrol sergeant and MFD also respond.  Resident found deceased.

1/20/14 – 1/26/14


0047 – Motor vehicle stop on Main Street.  1 under arrest for outstanding warrant.

1733 – Caller reports that Dartmouth Street resident is shoveling snow into the roadway.  Officer advised subject to keep snow on own property.

2223 – Elderly male reporting severe abdominal pain.  MFD and MPD responded.


0108 – Caller reports motion activated light in neighbors backyard shed was triggered.  House is vacant and shed was broken into in the past.  Area checked and believed to be caused by the wind.

0244 – Truck on Mill Street with light on and driver side door wide open.  Vehicle and area checked.  No footprints leading to door.

1620 – 911 hang-up from Deer Path address.  Confirmed accidental.

1924 – Motor vehicle stop Main Street and Spring Lane.  One summons issued for minor transporting alcohol.


0032 – 911 call from Powder Mill Circle reporting that they have not head and are unsure if it is just their unit or the entire building.  Building management notified.

0909 – Caller reports plow truck just struck a telephone pole in a parking lot on Powder Mill Road.  Officers respond and request that NSTAR and DPW be notified.

0944 – Anonymous caller reports that two vehicles on Pleasant Street may be parked illegally.  Vehicles gone on officer arrival.


1316 – Caller reports unruly students on Tiger Way.  Subjects gone on arrival.  Report taken.

1356 – State Police transfer call for two car accident on Powder Mill Road.

2138 – 911 Caller from Crane Ave reporting heavy smoke in basement and that she heard some type of explosion.  MPD and MFD responded.   Determined not to be a fire but an issue with the furnace.


1220 – Caller from Maynard Schools requesting an officer for suspicious activity

1619 – Caller reports receiving threats over the phone.  Report taken.

1921 – Motor vehicle stop on Main Street.  1 under arrest for default warrant.


0116 – Motor vehicle stop on Main Street.  Vehicle towed for revoked registration.

0215 – Motor vehicle stop on Sudbury Street.  1 in custody for OUI.

1727 – Telephone pole down on Powder Mill Road.

1823 – Erratic operation of motor vehicle reported.  Operator found not to be impaired.


0121 – Main Street business owner reports three males in front of location yelling at each other.  Subjects gone on officer arrival.

1/06/14 – 1/12/14


0702 – Caller reports suspicious white van driving around the area and currently on Dix Rd.  “Life is short, be nice” painted on back.  Officers checked area and were unable to locate.

1117 – Subject into Station reporting harassing phone calls.  Report taken.

1310 – Walk-in reports being harassed and threatened on
Twitter.  Report taken.

1825 – Caller reports she and her son were almost hit at intersection of Parker St. and McKinley St.  Requested extra police presence in area.


0100 – Motor vehicle stop at Great Rd. and Fletcher St.  License plate unreadable due to snow covering it.

0109 – Tree down on Summer Street.  DPW notified and tree removed.

0732 – Walk-in reports he has a warrant and is turning himself in.  Subject placed into custody.

1723 – Restraining order served in hand.

1855 – Caller requesting well-being check on mother.  Officer reports she is fine and there is a problem with the phone.  Caller advised.


0530 – Motor vehicle stop on Great Rd. for red light violation at Great Rd. and Parker St.

0959 – Caller reports that she would like to speak to an officer regarding not being let back into her business at Clock Tower Place.  Officer spoke to caller and management and determined this was a civil matter.  Caller left and will contact her attorney.

1232 – Acton PD reports silver Camry all over the roadway and should be entering into Maynard at this time.  Officers notified.


1711 – Caller reports vehicle passing other vehicles on Brown Street.  Officers notified.

1720 – Main Street business requesting check of ID being used to purchase alcohol.  As a result, one placed under arrest for person under 21 attempting to procure liquor and false/misuse of liquor id card/license.

2000 – Subject into station reporting past Domestic Assault and Battery.  Report taken.

2000 – Walk-in reporting past sexual assault.  Report taken.

2113 – Caller from Hillside Street reporting that cars parked on both sides of the street.  Officer checked for hazard and had owner move vehicle.


0117 – 911 caller reports fight in progress on Main Street.  Officers responding.

0135 – Vehicle stopped for multiple violations on Beacon Street.  One placed under arrest for operating under the influence.

0943 – Caller requesting ambulance for mother who has fallen on the ice.

1303 – Caller reports subject known to her is making suicidal threats on facebook.  Subject located.


0710 – 911 caller reports someone just fell in front of the Post Office.  MPD and MFD responding.

0817 – 911 call reporting a man sitting in the mailbox shed, possibly intoxicated.  Officers tied up on another call but respond short time later.  Area checked and subject could not be located.

1638 – Motor vehicle stop.  One placed under arrest for unlicensed operation.

1755 – Party into Station reporting his car hit a large pothold on 27 and possibly damaged his vehicle.  DPW notified and responding.


0751 – Caller reports that an individual just left their facility after being given medication and advised they should not drive.  Subject located in Maynard and placed under arrest for an outstanding warrant.

1017 – Clock Tower security requests and officer regarding an issue with a business owner removing items from inside the business.

1901 – Motor vehicle stop on Concord Street.  Subject to be summonsed for revoked registration/uninsured.

1945 – Caller reports that their vehicle struck a significant pothole on Concord Street causing significatn damage.  Second call on same pothole.  Officer placed traffic cones around pothole.

12/30/13 – 1/6/14


0044 – Motor vehicle stop on Waltham Street for speeding, 47 mph in a 35 mph zone.

1436 – Lost wallet turned into Station by DPW employee.  Owner notified and will be picking up the wallet in the evening

1606 – Caller from Main Street reporting an individual with binoculars looking into Clock Tower Place.  Officers determined it was a new security officer for Clock Tower Place who was familiarizing themselves with the complex.


0427 – Caller reporting motion alarm activation at Main Street location.  Officers found building secure and alarm was reset.

1000 – Summer Street resident walked into Station reporting damage to his door that may suggest attempted B&E.

1806 – Motor vehicle stop on Acton Road for speeding.  38 mph in a 25 mph zone.

1902 – Motor vehicle stop on Waltham Street resulting in towed vehicle due to expired registration.


0011 – Caller reports car all over the road and crossing yellow line on Great Road.  Car crossed into Stow and Stow PD notified.  Car was stopped and determined not to be under the influence by Stow PD.

0146 – Vehicle stopped on Main Street.  Cited for a failed inspection sticker and no seat belt on child.

0700 – Search warrant executed on Railroad Street.  One placed under arrest for receiving stolen property.

1719 – Caller reports kids on ice at Mill Pond.  Kids sent on their way.


0302 – Caller reports male in the area of Crane Ave. and Powdermill Road.  Footprints led to residence where occupants denied being out.  Report filed.

1056 – Walk-in reports manhole cover on George Road is sticking up off it’s base.  Message was left for DPW, MPD responded and put cover back in place.

1213 – Arrest warrant served on Douglas Ave for parole violation.  Subject arrested and released to parole officer.

1915 – Caller reports past B&E on Hillside Street.  Report taken.

2052 – Caller from Reo Road reports dark 2 door sedan driving recklessly.  Officers responded and did not find vehicle.


0354 – Officer on patrol sees subject he believes has a warrant for arrest.  The warrant is confirmed and subject arrested.

1015 – DPW reports Acton Street resident is blowing snow into roadway.  Officer advises subject.

1437 – Walk-in from Crane Ave. reporting a past larceny from a motor vehicle.

2356 – Motor vehicle stop for driving wrong way on Nason Street.


0014 – Motor vehicle stop on Glendale Street resulting in issuing of summons for unlicensed operation of a vehicle.

0925 – Caller from Rickey Drive reports that his car window was broken overnight.  Responding officer believes that the window broke due to the extreme cold.  Nothing was taken or out of place.

1459 – 911 call from child stating that their mother and father were arguing.  Units responded and determined the argument was verbal only.

1906 – Report from Clock Tower Place stating that water is flowing from the first floor of the building.  Maynard Fire notified.

2032 – Alarm received from Brown Street.  MFD and MPD respond and find burst pipe.  MFD shut off water and management notified.


0014 – Motor vehicle stop on Summer Street resulting in summons for unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.

0141 – Motor vehicle stop on Sudbury Street for failure to yield to oncoming traffic while turning left.  Stop resulted in one under arrest for operating under the influence.

1949 – Caller requesting well-being check for friend living on Summer Hill Glenn.  Determined that MFD transported subject to Emerson Hospital earlier in the day.

2211 – Officer on patrol reports fire alarm sounding on Brown Street.  MFD notified and responded.  Alarm was the result of a water leak.  Fire alarm reset by MFD and management will be notified.

12/16/13 – 12/22/13


1012 – Caller reports being stuck in snow in cemetery.  Subject assisted by officer and DPW.

1053 – Caller reports suspicious black male walking around houses on Taylor Road.  Person was looking for work and was advised on the procedure.

1410 – Larceny on Great Road.  Officer took report.

2154 – Call from Lewis Street reporting small fire in garage which is now out.  They would like someone to check it out.  Maynard Fire and Maynard Police responding.

2340 – Summer Street caller stating that a male was looking in cars on Summer Street.  Described as a stocky white male with dark clothes and a knit hat.  Officer determined it was a person walking to work.

2353 – Multiple calls regarding a truck plowing a lot on Waltham Street.  Callers reported that they were extremely loud and waking up the neighborhood.  Operator advised of complaints and will return in morning.


1305 – Several calls reporting a vehicle into a snow bank on Parker Street near Vose Hill Road.  No damage to vehicle.

1350 – State Police transfer call reporting an accident on Parker Street near Elm Street.

1514 – Walk-in stating that The Mill is out of power.

1727 – Caller from Boeske Ave reports daughter was just chased inside by neighborhood dog.  Dog officer notified.

1818 – Call from Second Street reporting that staff are fighting with residents outside and somebody is yelling to call the police.

2010 – Warrant served on Parker Street.  One under arrest.


0241 – Motor vehicle stop results in arrest for outstanding warrant.

1031 – Landlord into station requesting a trespass order be served on a person sleeping in his building.  Order served.

1353 – Caller requests officer to speak with someone who is upset regarding the way her husband is plowing.  Subject was upset because they were plowed in after shoveling.

2318 – Call reporting domestic disturbance on Concord Street Circle.  Officers responded and determined to be verbal argument only.  Both parties spoken to.


0418 – Main Street caller states that there is an audible alarm sounding in the area.  Area checked and no signs of alarm.

1522 – Caller from Lincoln Street reports scuffle between operator of a black SUV with New Jersey plates and the operator of a black car.  Area checked and officers did not locate vehicles.

1741 – Caller reports hitting a deer on Summer Street.  No damage to vehicle.

1650 – 2302 – 14 motor vehicle stops throughout town.


0117 – Caller from Main Street reports her car was stolen while parked in front of Main Street business.  Officers located car on Railroad Street.

1010 – Walk-in reporting that subjects are soliciting in the area of Windmill Drive.  Officer sent to investigate.

1931 – Sudbury PD reports erratic operator entering Maynard.  Second call from Sudbury PD states that vehicle re-entered Sudbury.


0018 – Caller reports suspicious vehicle parked on Dana Road.  Officers respond and find couple talking in car.  No issues.

0043 – Officer reports disabled motor vehicle on Great Road in Sudbury.  Upon speaking with operator, officer requests ambulance and notification of Sudbury PD.  Female taken into custody by Sudbury PD.


0046 – Officer reports he is off with two people in Main Street parking lot.  Argument was verbal only and subjects advised.

1955 – Vandalism reported on River Street.

2021 – Unoccupied, locked vehicle with lights on located on River Street.  Owner called and message left.

2203 – Dawn Grove caller reporting a domestic disturbance at her neighbors house.  One female placed under arrest for assault and battery.

12/09/13 – 12/15/13


0421 – Caller from Lincoln Street believe they were having a stroke and requested assistance.

0624 – Motor vehicle accident on Waltham Street, no injuries.

0804 – Maynard Fire Department requests police officer at lockout on Waltham Street.  Subject could not provide proof of residency and was not let in.  Tenant was advised to come to police station if they wanted to pursue this further.

1241 – Walk-in reports that her wallet might have been stolen out of her vehicle while parked in an area parking lot.

1454 – Caller reports a white male, 6′ tall with tan pants is out between buildings in Clock Tower Place harassing passersby.  Party transported to Emerson Hospital.

2353 – Motor vehicle stop on Railroad Street resulting in an arrest for motor vehicle related offenses.


0039 – Female with high fever requesting to go to the hospital

1441 – Call from Clock Tower Place reporting a past larceny.

1810 – Caller reports that an intoxicated male operating a vehicle just tried to start a fight with him and then entered a condo.  MFD requested to gain entry to the condo.  One person in custody for operating under the influence and operating a motor vehicle without a license.


0017 – Motor vehicle stop on Walnut Street for an expired inspection sticker

1505 – Report of a parking issue at Green Meadow School.  Officers requested to monitor drop off area when possible.

1616 – Officer reports seeing two pick up trucks in gated off area on Parker Street.  Individuals identified as belonging to the property developers.

1633 – Caller reports vehicle all over the road on Acton Street.  Maynard units unable to locate.  Acton PD notified.


0600 – Report of car that went down Main Street the wrong way and then turned up Nason Street the wrong way.

1458 – Caller reports cover off of a manhole on George Road.

1558 – Driver reports that they were involved in a hit and run accident in Acton and is currently behind the vehicle that left the scene.  Vehicle stopped and Acton PD notified and responded.

2331 – Motor vehicle accident on Summer Street.  No injuries.


0326 – Caller from Main Street reports that she is arguing with her boyfriend and is scared.  She is requesting police immediately.  One placed under arrest for assault and battery.

1051 – Several 911 calls reporting a fight involving baseball bats.  3 placed under arrest.

1924 – Caller from Powder Mill Road reports that her 64 year old father fell and may have broken his hip.  Fire and MPD officer responding.


0626 – Caller reports suspicious vehicle on Railroad street.  One taken into custody for operating under the influence.

1654 – Main Street business requests out of state ID check

1936 – Security from business on Powder Mill road reporting vehicle doing donuts in the parking lot.  Determined to be father teaching his daughter how to drive in snow.  Advised and sent on their way.

1954 – Report of an erratic driver on Summer Street.  Vehicle stopped on Great Road and found to have no impairment.


0100 – Intoxicated man yelling towards somebody in bar.  Sent home with sober friend.

0829 – DPW reporting a red pickup pushing snow from Lovell Ct. onto Great Road.  Operator spoken to.

1635 – Main Street caller reports individual blowing snow into roadway.  Individual spoken to.

1710 – Walk-in to station reporting that their neighbor’s plow guy keeps pushing snow into her driveway.  Neighbor spoken to and will address the issue with plow driver.

11/11/13 – 11/18/13


1433 – Caller reports that someone hit his vehicle while parked at Clock Tower Place.

1644 – Report of an argument outside of Open Table at ClockTower place.

1753 – McKinley Street resident would like a property check as she is home alone and her dog is growling at something outside.


1053 – Prospect Street resident reports that someone stole a section of her iron fence.

1105 – Detail officer observed a suspended operator driving a vehicle.  Citation and summons were mailed to owner and operator.

2337 – Patrol officer reported that red light on the outside of a Main Street building was flashing.  Maynard Fire notified and responded.


1224 – Several 911 calls regarding a fire alarm sounding on Barilone Circle.  MPD and MFD responded and no alarm sounding on arrival.  Residence checked and food was left on stove.

1550 – Party into station reporting that someone had fraudulently used her credit card.

2332 – Parker Street resident would like to speak with an officer about possible identity theft.


1556 – Caller reports suspicious activity at her mother’s house on Parker Street.

2212 – Acton PD reports an erratic driver entering Maynard on Rt. 27 from Acton.


1209 – Caller from Prospect Street reports that a truck just took down a wire.

1402 – Subject reports seeing a fire in the woods in near Tiger Way.


2113 – Motor vehicle stopped for impeded operation.  Driver was looking at a cell phone.

2330 – Acton requesting mutual aid for a commercial alarm sounding in their town.


0236 – Motor vehicle observed parked in Rockland Park soccer fields with gate closed.  Advised that the park is closed and sent on their way.

1755 – Caller from Parker Street reports that an intoxicated individual is refusing to leave.  One taken into custody.

2056 – Domestic disturbance reported on Railroad Street.

11/04/13 – 11/10/13


 0720 – Motor vehicle accident with no injuries on Acton Street.  Vehicle removed.

1640 – Alarm sounding in a building on Bancroft Street.  Officers responded and found building secure.


0653 – 911 call from a resident on Main Street reporting he is having difficulty breathing.  Officer and Maynard Fire respond.

0947 – Caller from Fairfield Street reports she just heard a loud noise and her power went out.  Officer investigated and could not find source of noise.

1831 – Caller from Dawn Grove reports her daughter is at her house and says that her dogs are missing.  The dogs were taken by the dog officer on 11/4 due to neglect.

2226 – 911 call from Main Street business reporting that an individual in the store believes they were followed home.  The vehicle was a brown sedan with a long antenna.  Officers responded and the vehicle was gone upon their arrival.


0119 – Caller from Turner Street reporting dogs barking all night long.  Officers did not here any barking upon their arrival.

0904 – Person reported that they believed the dog across the street from her house was just attacked.  The dog officer was notified who was already aware of the incident.

1055 – Manhole cover reported dislodged at intersection of George and Rice Road.  Responding officer pushed the cover back into place.

1704 – Stow police report a low speed chase entering Maynard.  Chase ended in Sudbury where one person was placed under arrest for motor vehicle violations and a warrant.


0805 – 911 caller from Glendale Street believed that his wife was having a heart attack.  Officers and Maynard Fire responded.  1 person transported to hospital.

1727 – Caller from Abbot Road reported that upon arriving home she heard loud banging sounds.  Officers responded and found no signs of a break in.


0615 – Call from Dawn Road reporting that a 3 year old child was found alone in the neighborhood.  Mother located the child prior to officers arrival.

0929 – Resident of Kristen Lane stated that items were missing from his property.

1753 – Officer reported alarm sounding on Acton Street.  Determined that it was the owner leaving for the day.


0053 – Disturbance reported on Main Street.  One person spoken to.  Unable to locate second individual.

0125 – Patrol officer observed a group of men yelling out of a car window at an intoxicated female walking alone.  She stated she did not know them and did not feel comfortable walking home.  She was given a ride to her residence.

0720 – Several trash bags removed from the intersection of Main and Waltham Streets by officer.

1123 – Walk-in to police station requested to speak to an officer regarding a domestic situation


0258 – Motor vehicle stop in the area of Parker Street and Vose Hill.  Operator was traveling 65 mph in a 35 mph zone and subsequently found to have a suspended license.  Citation issued and summonsed to court.

0945 – Walk-in reported that two foul smelling coolers were left out on the sidewalk on Percival Street.  Message left with owner to have the coolers removed.

1209 – Caller reporting that kids playing on a large pile of debris on Parker Street.

1246 – Speeding vehicle reported in the area of Concord and Hird Streets.  Driver given verbal warning.

1316 – Caller states that her vehicle was involved in a hit and run on Linden Street.

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