History of the Maynard Police Patch

In 2007 with the anticipation of the new police station being built the officers wanted a new patch to coincide with a new era of the Maynard Police Department. The officers decided that the patch should better represent the town they protect. The Clock Tower has long been the symbol of Maynard and the Maynard officers wanted it to be the center of the new patch. The Clock Tower, as you can see has red trim which was the original color.
This version of the Maynard Police Department patch was adopted in 1992. The patch incorporates the town seal (Mill clock and 1871, the year of incorporation), with an eagle clutching the flags of the United States and State of Massachusetts on a dark blue background.
In 1982 Chief Tibbits authorized a change in the original patch design. The Maynard Clock Tower was added to the shield to replace the red and white stripes. The clock was very small and colored red.
This patch was used from 1965 to 1982. The background was black with the eagle clutching the traditional arrows and olive branch. The red-white-blue shield has four white stars and red and white stripes.

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