Firearms Permits

*A permit is no longer required to possess or buy pepper spray in Massachusetts if over 18 years of age*


The following Officers will be available (depending on their shifts) to process your application.

SGT JONES  Mon-Fri 9:00am -3:00pm

SGT CUSHING or SGT DUGGAN  Mon-Thur 3:00pm -11:00pm

Call the department at 978/897-1011 or email the above officers to set up an appointment.


Required Items:

1. Completed Commonwealth of Massachusetts application (available at the police station or online) for new/renewal of a firearms identification card or license to carry firearms.

2. You must bring proof of identification

3. If requesting a Class A License for the first time, a letter stating the reason you want the license must accompany the application.

4. You will be notified when the license is ready to be picked up.  After being notified, you may come to the police station and pick up the license at any time.

5. Licensing Fee (Cash Only – Non Refundable)

Class A & FID cards – $100.00

Renewal of class A & FID cards – $100.00 (free for 70 years or older)
(Class B licenses are no longer issued and will be converted to a Class A upon renewal)

6.  If this is a request for a new permit:  For LTC:  a certificate from a Massachusetts State Police sponsored Firearms Safety Course.  For FID:  a certificate from a Massachusetts State Police sponsored Firearms Safety Course or a Massachusetts Hunter Education Course.

7.  You DO NOT need to bring photos.  We will do them digitally.

Change of Address

If a License to Carry or a Firearms Identification card holder changes address, within 30 days they must make official notification of the address change to:

  • Issuing Chief of Police
  • Chief of Police in town or city you have moved to
  • Firearms Record Bureau

Please fill out and follow the instructions on the Change of Address Notification for Firearms Identification Card and License to Carry Firearms.

Failure to make this notification is grounds for revocation of these permits.

Gun Locks

All guns stored in the home must be stored in a safe or have a trigger lock to compy with MGL c140, s131L.

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