**This is a SCAM Email** “NEIGHBORHOOD ALERT” A Child Predator Moved Into Your Town

Anyone receiving the below email should not open it is a phishing scam and viruses or malware may be attached!

From:NEIGHBORHOOD ALERT” (email address removed)

Subject: Fwd: UPDATE: A Child Predator Moved Into Your Town. Location Identified. Alert #9202-AS9JD



Any citizen over 18 years of age may apply to receive information on any sex offenders residing in Maynard from the Maynard Police Department by filling out the request form. Do not feel that you are imposing on us. This is our job and we recommend using this list.  You will need to respond in person to the Maynard Police Department located at 197 Main St. and bring a picture ID with you.   You may fill out the form when you come to the station and there is also a link to the form below:


Call or email Lt. Michael A. Noble to make an appointment (978) 897-1011 ext. 2006, mnoble@maynardpolice.com.


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DISPATCH LOG FOR 8/17/15 TO 8/23/15

Download (PDF, 91KB)

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DISPATCH LOG FOR 8/10/15 TO 8/16/15

Download (PDF, 99KB)

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DISPATCH LOG FOR 8/3/15 TO 8/9/15

Download (PDF, 102KB)

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Road Closure Announcement

See the document below for road closure information:


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Public Safety Day – Boys and Girls Club

A special thanks to all the agencies that attended our annual Public Safety Day at the Boys and Girls Club. As always it was a successful event.


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Parking Issues

We are constantly receiving complaints and ticketing vehicles parked on the sidewalk. We would like to remind all Maynard motorists of the parking regulations, and urge anyone who sees a vehicle parked on the sidewalk to notify the Police Department at 978-897-1011.


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Maynard Police and Fire to Launch Joint Emergency Dispatch Center

Thursday, July 16, 2015

MAYNARD — Police Chief Mark W. Dubois and Fire Chief Anthony Stowers are pleased to announce that The Town of Maynard is in the final stages of combining police and fire dispatch into one joint, civilian emergency communications center.

The communications center is scheduled to open by July 27. It will be overseen by Chief Dubois and Chief Stowers and managed by Anne Camaro, who, along with representatives from both departments, has hired a set of full-time dispatchers trained in both fire and police dispatch procedures.

“It is our hope that the communications center will increase efficiency and decrease response time,” Chief Dubois said. “It will also allow more police officers and firefighters to be in the community serving residents and responding to calls for service.”

The Police and Fire Departments will have an auto attendant phone system for general business calls, where residents can reach specific police or fire officials or divisions. Emergency dispatchers are always available but should only be contacted during emergency situations.

Residents are asked not to call dispatch to schedule inspections, issue permits or to inquire about an emergency situation in progress. Fire department inspections and permits can still be arraigned through the fire department. If you need a permit signed or an inspection scheduled, call the Maynard Fire Department business line at 978-897-1014 and choose the correct option from the menu.

Many inspections and permits can also be obtained or scheduled using the town website.

With the new dispatch center opening in a different location, citizens may notice that if the fire trucks are out of the station on a call, the fire house may not be manned at all times.

The phone numbers for the department will remain the same, and there will be an option to talk with a dispatcher, but there may not be a firefighter in the building 24 hours a day, seven days a week to set up appointments or inspections, or to answer a code compliance questions. Anyone who arrives at the Fire Station with an emergency and cannot locate an official should immediately call 911.

“We are extremely excited about having this project come to fruition,” Chief Stowers said. “The dispatch center will increase efficiency by streamlining department communications and will also allow us to better serve the public.”

We urge members of the public to, as always, dial 911 in case of an emergency!

Contact: John Guilfoil Phone: 978-841-9948 Email: john@jgpr.net

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Solicitor’s Permits

The Town of Maynard requires that all solicitors obtain a Solicitor’s Permit from the Maynard Police Department in order to work in town. Please see the Solicitor’s Permit Application Instructions for more information. Any questions or concerns contact: Lt. Michael Noble  at 978-897-1040 ext. 2006 or email at mnoble@maynardpolice.com.

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New Police Report Request Form

Please note we have a new form with additional fees and stipulations for requesting a copy of a police report.

Police Report Request Form

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