Solicitor’s Permits

The Town of Maynard requires that all solicitors obtain a Solicitor’s Permit from the Maynard Police Department in order to work in town. Please see the Solicitor’s Permit Application Instructions for more information. Any questions or concerns contact: Lt. Michael Noble  at 978-897-1040 ext. 2006 or email at

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Permanent Part-Time Dispatch Position

The Town of Maynard is currently accepting applications for the position of Permanent Part-time Public Safety Communications Specialists. Applicants should be able to communicate well, have a solid knowledge of computers and word processing, and the ability to handle and prioritize multiple tasks in a busy, noisy, and stressful environment. Applicants holding CJIS, APCO, E-911 and EMD certifications and with previous public safety experience preferred, but not required. Applicants should be willing to work weekends, holidays, evenings and nights, on a rotating schedule. The projected schedule is 2 Midnight Shifts per week. Starting salary is $19.00 per hour. Employment offers will be dependent upon successfully passing a thorough background investigation. Application deadline is July 15th, 2015. Interested candidates should forward a resume and interest letter to:

Anne Camaro

Maynard Police Department

197 Main St

Maynard MA 01754


Or Via e-mail:

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New Police Report Request Form

Please note we have a new form with additional fees and stipulations for requesting a copy of a police report.

Police Report Request Form

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Maynard Housing Production Plan

HPP Survey Final Flyer

Maynard is preparing a “housing production plan” or HPP with MAPC (Metropolitan Area Planning Council). A key intent of the HPP is to identify community opinions, provide a blueprint to help guide future decision-making and analyze market conditions/demand for future housing stock. The HPP is a standalone document that may be adopted directly or by reference into the town’s master plan. When it is completed (expected early 2016), it will be submitted to the Mass Department of Housing and Community Development for approval.  This is a link to other municipalities that have adopted HPP’s .


The first phase of the plan involved a “needs assessment” which has been completed and being prepared for release.  Phase One also included a meeting between MAPC, local developers and Realtors. The second phase of the HPP is now underway: this will involve a brief survey for residents and at 7 PM, July 1 at Town Hall, the first of two public “visioning sessions” with MAPC.


The survey is “live” now and can be taken on line by Maynard residents at:

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Maynard Police Department Receives Prestigious State Certification Status


MAYNARD – Police Chief Mark Dubois and Town Administrator Kevin Sweet are pleased to announce that the Maynard Police Department has achieved State Certification from the Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission (MPAC) at an awards ceremony on Thursday, June 4 at the Connors Center in Dover.

Certification is a self-initiated evaluation process by which police departments strive to meet and maintain the highest standards of law enforcement, and is considered the best measure of a police department against the established best practices around the country and region.

“Receiving Certification acknowledges the Maynard Police Department is in line with the highest possible standards of law enforcement,” Chief Dubois said. “I am incredibly proud of our entire department and all of the hard work that has gone into this process, we are now one step closer to receiving the Commission’s highest award of Accreditation.”

Chief Dubois also singled out Lt. Michael Noble, the department’s Accreditation Manager.

“Lt. Noble did an incredible job,” Dubois said. “I am very proud of him, and he should be very proud of the results we saw this week.”

The certification process is long and vigorous. It involves both an internal self-review and an external assessment by the Commission’s team of subject matter experts.

The MPAC program requires that departments meet all of the 257 mandatory standards and 60 percent of the 125 optional ones. These carefully selected standards include: Jurisdiction and Mutual Aid, Collection and Preservation of Evidence, Communications, Working Conditions, Crime Analysis, Community Involvement, Financial Management, Internal Affairs, Juvenile Operations, Patrol Administration, Public Information, Records, Traffic, Training, Drug Enforcement, and Victim/Witness Assistance.

“Going through the process initially requires intense self-scrutiny, and ultimately provides a quality assurance review of the agency,” said Donna Taylor Mooers, the MPAC Executive Director. “Achieving Certification from the Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission is a very significant accomplishment and a recognition highly regarded by the law enforcement community.”

Earlier this year, the Department was evaluated by a team of Commission-appointed assessors who found the Department to be in full compliance with all of the necessary standards required for Certification.

“On behalf of the town of Maynard I am honored to congratulate our police department on such an outstanding accomplishment,” Town Administrator Sweet said. “We have always known what an excellent job our officers do, but receiving Certification is another level of recognition. Well done.”

Certification has been granted for a period of three years. Participation in the program is strictly voluntary.

John Guilfoil Public Relations

Conact: John Guilfoil
Phone: 978-841-9948

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Business Safety Summit

Join us to discuss business safety, with a focus on recognizing, responding to, and minimizing incidents of concern at the workplace.



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Open Meeting on The Future of Clock Tower Place

Clock Tower Place Meeting Announcement - June 11 2015

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Parking Regulations

image1As a reminder to our residents we are continuously enforcing the town’s Parking Regulations. The following is a list of general prohibitions and their applicable fines:

(A1) Any meter that runs out of tie will receive a ten dollar ticket ($10.00)

The following categories are all fifteen dollar violations ($15.00)
(B1) Parked within an intersection
(B2) Parked upon a sidewalk or crosswalk
(B3) Parking over one foot from the curb
(B4) Parked less than 10 feet of an unobstructed lane
(B5) Within ten (10ft) of a hydrant
(B6) Upon a private road or across a driveway
(B7) Within 20ft of an intersection
(B8) Upon a street or roadway posted “No Parking”
(B9) Bus Stop of Taxi Stand
(B10) Improper angle parking
(B11) Restricted Parking Place
(B12) Overtime Parking Violation – two hours @ any given meter
Cannot feed a meter and vehicle must be moved to another location
(B13) Fire Lane Violation
(B14) Outside Parked Lines (not a legal space)
(B15) Permit Parking violation
(B16) Right Wheels not @ Curb (both right wheels at curb & within 12 inches of the curb) headed in the travel lane direction.

GROUP C – 1. Parking Ban from Dec 1 – Mar 15 (No On Street Parking)
From 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. $20.00
C – 2. Snow Removal – no parking on street whatsoever.

GROUP D. Handicap Parking

All parking violations are in accordance with 20A-1/2 of Chapter 90, Mass. General Laws by Section 22, and Chapter 153 of the Acts of 1992). You may find a copy of these in most libraries if you choose to look it up prior to coming to a hearing.

Commercial vehicles that are loading or unloading may stand for not more than 20 minutes continuously for the purpose of clearing materials.
Please do not idle to keep our air clean.

Whenever any vehicle shall be parked adjacent to a parking meter, the owner of said vehicle shall park within the space designated by street markings (white lines on ground) and, such person shall immediately deposit in said meter the required coin of the United States maximum legal parking period or proportionate period thereof both as indicated or shown on the meter and if so required set the mechanism in motion.

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Maynard Police Dispatch Log – 5/11/15 to 5/17/15

Maynard Police Dispatch log for 5/11/15 to 5/17/15 is now available.

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Bicycle Safety with the Daisy Troop 89237

Officer Houle spent a few hours with the girls of Daisy Troop 89237 on Sunday May 17th. He talked about bike safety and rules of the road.



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