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Maynard Litter League

"Working towards the goal of a litter-free Maynard by engaging all members of the community in litter prevention, cleanup, and education efforts."

Join the Team and Be a Player!

Things you can do to help achieve the goal:

  • Don't litter, and teach children not to litter - litter prevention starts with you. This includes cigarette butts and cleaning up after your pets.

  • Do a weekly "Clean Sweep". Each week, take a few minutes to walk the areas adjacent to your home or business and pick up any litter you see. Encourage your friends, neighbors, and merchants to do the same. Be sure to check bushes, gutters, and the roadside of any undeveloped land near the property.

  • Follow smart trash disposal practices - don't leave uncovered trash or recycling out overnight or on windy days where it can blow around the neighborhood.

Meetings and Facebook Online Community

Meetings are held at a Maynard restaurant starting at 7:00 pm. All interested residents, community groups, and merchants are invited to attend. Look for meeting announcements in the Action Unlimited and Beacon Villager, or email us to find out about our next meeting date.

If you use Facebook you can "like" us and get frequent updates on all the latest Litter League activities.

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The Litter League organizes Maynard's annual spring townwide cleanup and the November Clean Sweep event. And look for us at the Community Table one Saturday during the Maynard Farmers’ Market season.

2010 Fall Townwide Clean Sweep: November 13

  • Before 10 a.m. all residents, merchants, and community organizations are asked to do a sweep of the area around their property and pick up any litter that is there. Check bushes, gutters, and the roadside of any undeveloped land near the property. Anyone who isn't physically able to pick up litter is encouraged to enlist the help of a neighbor or friend.
  • At 10 a.m. meet by traffic island at Nason & Main – Litter League members lead participants on a sweep through downtown to show support for a litter-free Maynard and clean up any litter that remains. Bags and gloves provided.
  • 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. by the traffic island at Nason & Main - register and obtain bags to clean up other areas around town. A list of suggested clean up sites is available.

Why work for a litter-free Maynard?

Litter is unattractive...

and creates the impression that no one cares about the community. It negatively impacts our quality of life, property values, and businesses because people don't want to live, work, or shop in places that are dirty.

Litter can be dangerous...

and may pose a safety hazard to adults, children, pets, and wildlife as well as an environmental hazard to our water supply and other natural areas.

It will discourage littering...

since studies have shown people are less likely to litter in areas that are litter-free.

Mercury Recycling Efforts

Keep mercury out of the environment by following proper disposal practices.

Burned-out fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) - Maynard residents may drop off bulbs at Aubuchon Hardware, 33-37 Main Street in Maynard for safe disposal. Compact fluorescent light bulbs offer tremendous energy and cost savings, but they contain mercury and you should not dispose of them in your regular trash where they can break and release mercury into the environment.

Button batteries (commonly found in watches and hearing aids) Drop boxes are located at CVS Pharmacy, 105 Main Street; Middlesex Bank, 17 Nason Street; Dunia Ecostore, 43 Nason Street; and the Maynard Board of Health Office. For battery information:

More Information

To get involved or receive e-mail updates about the group's on-going projects, send e-mail to

Links to Our Friends

  • Assabet River Rail Trail, Inc - ARRT volunteers organize trail clean-ups, walks, and fundraising activities.

  • Maynard Community Gardeners - The downtown buckets, gateway planters, and MapleBrook Park are all MCG projects. They welcome your involvement and/or financial contribution in support of their efforts.

  • Maynard Conservation Commission - Find our ways you can volunteer to help maintain Maynard's public lands.

  • MaynardCAN! - Maynard Climate Action Network seeks ways to conserve energy and reduce Maynard's carbon footprint.

    MayDOG - Promote responsible dog ownership and build community through safe, legal off-leash recreation in Maynard.

  • Maynard Board of Health - For information about trash disposal, recycling, and yard waste pick-up and drop-off days.

"Let everyone sweep in front of his own door, and the whole world will be clean." - Goethe