The Canes

The Boston Post Cane was distributed to towns in the following states:

The information on this site is NOT a comprehensive list of the towns that received the canes.  For that information there are books that are available on the topic (by Barbara Staples) – visit your local library.  It is important to note that the Boston Post only gave out 700 canes, but they did not specify which towns received them.  What is certain is that not every town received a cane.

The information here is based on research done by the Maynard Historical Society and then updated through discovered news articles and email submissions.  Some undated entries may refer to research over ten years old, so your mileage may vary as far as current accuracy.

If you don’t find a town or person listed here it’s because nobody told us about them or we haven’t by chance bumped into that information. (Again, note that not every town in these states received a cane!)

If you have information you think should be included in these pages, please visit the Contributions page for details on how to submit updates.

Here’s how we’re doing as of late March 2015:

  • Maine: we have updates on 199 of them.
  • Massachusetts: we have updates on 144 of them.
  • New Hampshire: we have updates on 109 of them.
  • Rhode Island: we have updates on 17 of them.

With checkins from 469 towns we are now past the 2/3rds mark (67% ) to finding what’s happening with all of the canes, and we appreciate everyone’s contributions.

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