Watertown’s (MA) cane is being returned.

Posted By on February 19, 2009

Charles Morash, of Watertown, let us know that after a 99 year absence they are in the process of returning Watertown’s cane to the local historical society.   The cane went missing in Watertown pretty much after the first person, Edward Porter, passed away in 1910.

We should see a more public accounting of the story in the coming weeks and will relay the details here.

We noted here in July 2008 that the cane had been found by a private collector.


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  1. Chris Helms says:

    Hi David, this is Chris Helms, editor of the Watertown paper. The last time we wrote about this was November. At that point, negotiations seemed to have broken down between the antiques dealer who has the cane and our Historical Society.

  2. David Griffin says:

    My information is that a group of private citizens have intervened (perhaps the wrong word, but the end result is that they say the cane is being returned to Watertown.)

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