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Maynard Web Business Page Hosting Policy

The Maynard Web is a non-profit, community service. Our purpose is to provide information abou the Town of Maynard to residents and visitors. The Maynard Web will provide a basic web presence for any Maynard business establishments with the constraints stated below. We feel that these are reasonable for a free service. For services beyond these you are free to contact any number of Internet Service Providers who can do this and much more.

  1. You must be a business with a Maynard address.
  2. You have a limited amount of disk space available.
  3. Your page cannot be "too popular". If it is -- get your own!
  4. We reserve the right to establish editorial style guidelines on page design.
  5. You may update your page content no more than twice (2 times) per year. Exceptions will be made for community service and arts-related events. Change requests via electronic mail are highly preferred.
  6. We do not guarantee any particular "turn-around" time for changes.
  7. The Publisher has the right to exclude businesses that do not meet the above criteria or any other reason.

There is no charge for this service. However, we encourage you to give back to your community in return. Donations to WAVM, the Maynard Community Chest, and a number of other civic organizations in town would be a great start.

Common Questions


What do you mean by "too popular", and why does it matter?

The Maynard Web exists for promoting the community, it is not a vehicle for marketing or commerce, per se. Computing and network resources for the Maynard Web are currently privately funded but are limited.

If I can only update my page twice a year, what good is it?

If you have no other presence on the Web, you have to admit the price is pretty decent. The twice a year limit is our initial guideline - we may relax it to monthly or bi-monthly. We don't want to say we'll do something we can't handle. You should put your company name, photograph(s), phone/fax numbers, email address (if you have one), a summary of what good or services you provide, operating hours, etc. Think of it as a "Yellow Pages" advertisement.

What exactly do you mean by "community service" update exceptions?

Again it comes down to commercialism versus community service. If you're doing a good deed by promoting the arts or hosting some community event - we're behind you 100% and want to help all we can. If you're updating your page with "weekly special prices", you should get your own web page -- there are plenty of companies out there that can help you do this..

I don't have the slightest idea how to create web pages!

That's O.K. -- we do! We'll work with you to create an attractive and informative web page for your business. We can accept photographs or we can arrange to stop by and take some pictures for you -- but please remember that we are not professional photographers.

Comments, questions, etc. about this policy should be addressed to: Dave Griffin (, The Maynard Web's publisher.