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The Therapists
Nancy and Barry Bailey are Certified, Licensed Massage Therapists.   Both are graduates of the Massage Institute of New England (MINE), Somerville, MA. barry-nancy-mdl.jpg (21403 bytes)
Nancy Bailey
  • Nancy specializes in working with dancers to enhance performance, prevent injury and assist rehabilitation after injury. She also does pre/post natal massage.
  • Nancy accepts only female clients
Barry Bailey
  • Barry specializes in Soft Tissue Release for pain relief and rehabilitation, Assisted Stretching and Stretching and Stretching Instruction for athletes and non-athletes, Ritual / Esalen / Relaxation Massage and Energy Balancing Work.
  • Barry accepts both male and female clients.

Both Therapists work with Athletes and Performers

Bodywork Types Offered
STAR Tech ®
Soft Tissue Release Assisted Stretching
Swedish Massage Sports Massage
Deep Tissue Massage Muscle Re-education
Pre and Post Natal Massage Facial, Hand and Foot Massage
Rehabilitation Esalen/Relaxation Massage
Energy Balancing Reflexology
Quantum Touch Stretching Instruction & Coaching

We have also studied numerous additional bodywork modalities for which we are not certified, elements of which often find their way into our sessions.  They include Polarity, Shiatsu, Myofascial Release, Myotherapy, OrthoBionomy, CranioSacral Therapy, and Trager Work.

Massage Style
Our Massage Treatments are based on Swedish Massage and are custom designed to meet the particular needs and preferences of each client.  Our massage work can be light for relaxation and stress relief, or deep, working specific muscles that are tired, overworked, in spasm or injured.  Most often, sessions will be a combination of techniques.  In addition, various other modalities and bodywork approaches may be incorporated as part of the session.
At Bailey Therapeutic Massage we treat the whole person, not just muscles.  We encourage and assist clients to take an active role in their wellness.   Beginning with the premise that the body wants to be well, we guide clients to reach and maintain wellness.  Nancy and Barry work closely with other Health Professionals in the area to help clients obtain maximum results.


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